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Expand Your Horizons

For the most part, I like to read NON-Fiction because I want to find out more about topics that spark my interest.

Lately, I’ve been reading Fiction Books and I LOVE them.  Fiction stories whisk you away to another world where your wildest dreams come true.  You can imagine that you are the characters and experience their problems and triumphs.

Try this!  Check out a Non-fiction book and then find a Fiction book about the same topic.  For example, if you’re reading a Non-fiction book about dogs, read Stone Fox, an amazing fiction book about a loyal canine hero. 

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Mrs. Archer’s Triple-Dare Reading Challenge for YOU!

After 6 long days without power due to Hurricane Sandy, our ligfhts finally came back on!  I immediately started reading a sci-fi/ fantasy series.  I devoured the first book, which was 650 pages in a mere 2 days.

Here’s my challenge for you!  Try your best to read 650 pages (or more) by December 1st.

Chapter books have page numbers in them.  Picturebooks are generally 32 pages long.

You can do it!  Start now and let me know your progress!

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